XmlTrek Updates

Client - Jul 14, 2012

Client Side Macros

\c - send message on curent channel eg: \cBorg at Vulcan


An audible tone will sound and the 'Cloak On' message on the scanner wil blink when the down counter reaches 10 and will continue untill 0 is reached.

Client - Jul 8, 2012

Ship name can now be changed at any time. File->Change Ship Name. Same name restrictions apply.

Server - Jul 8, 2012

Radios may now be fixed at starbase Babalon 5 in the Alpha Quadrant.

Server - May 27, 2012


The error with buoys has be fixed and in addition buoys will now report all ships not just those ships made by other empires.

Damage Control

Damage control repair speed has been altered a bit. If you are in orbit about a planet or docked at a starbase general damage reduction is doubled to 2. Repair to impulse and warp engines remains the same. However, if you are at a star base you can elect of have repairs done in the dockyard using the command ESC A. This will increase warp engine and impulse engine damage to 2. 2 gold per repair tick, and general structural damage to 4, 5 gold per repair tick. These rates will apply for only as long as you have gold to spend.

Server - May 27, 2012

Gorn and Klinzhai join Romulus as guarded planets.

Borg and THX gold ships now functional.

Client - May 27, 2012

Ship and player names are now stored locally and displayed in drop down lists when you log on to the game

A low fuel indicator is displayed in bottom right corner of scanner when anti-matter drops below 1000 and blinks when it drops below 500.

When shield strength indicator turns yellow and red a yellow and red shield will appear in the bottom left corner of the scanner. If the regeneration is turned off a red shield will blink in the bottom left corner of the scanner.

Font size used in the scanner and the data display terminals can now be adjusted.

Server - May 15, 2012

The exception error in the Bot ship Plasma Dodge has been fixed.

Bot ships hidden via the Montevideo Protocol, Alpha Quadrant, can no longer shoot at you

Client - May 12, 2012

When Num Lock is on Key Pad 7 will generate a random 90 degree change in pitch or heading.

When Num Lock is on Key Pad 9 will load, try to lock and then fire all phasers wide if no lock is achieved.

Dilithium Crystals and the number of torpedoes remaining are now displayed in the Engineering and Combat display areas.

Client - May 11, 2012

Changing scan perspective via range now works in all axis.

Ship class specs are now displayed in the General Data Display when a ship is scanned.

Ships are now removed from play when entering a mini game accessible by docking or orbiting.

Server - May 10, 2012

The server now lists ships docked and in orbit when scanning planets and starbases as well tactical updates will include the changes in a ships docked or orbiting status.

Bots will not only aid each other in times of distress they will now also aid starbases

Client - May 10, 2012

Flashing in the main console has been fixed.

To avoid screen clutter scanning a planet or starbase will list the ships docked or in orbit in the General Data Display.

Server - May 9, 2012

There are now consequences for non Romulans entering Romulan space.

Client - May 9, 2012

Sounds have been removed from the main execution thread making it work faster.